Gwoździe “GW” i nity

Nails “GW”

Construction nails
roofing nails
woodwork nails
upholstery nails
shoemaking nails
masonry nails

hardened nails
twisted nails
installation nails
ceiling nails
pallet nails
and other

Material: low carbon steel
Application: general construction purposes
Packaging: 20 kg, 10 kg, 5 kg, 1 kg, 10 dkg
Co-packing: 1 dkg, 10 dkg with hanging label

Aluminium-Steel Blind Rivets “NIT”


Material: river made of aluminium, stud of steel
Application: wide scope of application in all types of fastenings, ensuring freedom of design and installation. Provide strong fastenings, resistant to vibrations and shocks. To be installed with manual or pneumatic tools. The fastening hole should be wider by 0,1 mm than the river diameter. The maximum thickness of the riveted elements: rivet length – (rivet Ø – 0,8) = max. thickness.
Dimension: from 3,0×6 to 6,0×20
Packaging: 1000 pcs, 5 kg, 1kg,