Expansion Plug with Screw – “W”, “WX”, “WXP”

Material: polyamide 6.6 (nylon) or propylene-ethylene copolymer. These are plastics which ensure resistance to outdoor weather conditions, material aging, corrosion and rotting. They have vibration damping and acoustic insulation properties, they also provide good electric insulation. They show high tensile and compressive strength. They are highly resistant to chemicals. The screw for wood is made of zinc-electroplated steel. It has a flat cone slotted head (W), flat cone cross head (WX) or flat washer COMBI type head (WXP). 

Application: all concrete and masonry structures, from perforated bricks and aerated concrete through to light construction panels and stone. They are suitable for all objects which can be fastened by means of screws and hooks to wood and chipboards. Since we offer complete plug and screw kits, we can ensure that they are well matched in order to achieve the maximum load resistance of the expansion plugs.  

A single packaging contains: 200szt., 100 szt. lub 50 szt.


„BX” type plugs are not available for sale in countries where the patent number EP0834 659 B1 and DE 597 03 501 C5 is valid, namely: France, Spain, Germany, Holland, Italy and Russia.